Display Banners
Cheeky banners for popular hook-up app
MetLife Trend Report
Employee Benefit Trends Reports
Rebrand of an ad agency.
Know Your Status
Awareness and educational site focused on getting people tested.
Oversight of brand and campaign execution across all channels, including real life patient videos.
Unbranded Speaker Program
A 360 support program designed to reach directly into the community by offering local speaker programs
To Market Campaign
An example of an idea that continues to live on through additional launches. This campaign gets to the heart of what patients want to know, in a real, honest way.
Banana Magazine
Art direction for launch edition of magazine focused on Asian contemporary culture
Multi-faceted campaign to combat allergies, during the beautiful allergy season
100 Beats Per Minute
Award winning micro campaign delivers the knowledge and tools for hands free CPR
A Little Inn on Pleasant Bay
Rebranding an All-American Destination
Thoughtful things...
Conceptual thinking and additional work that I am proud of
Comprehensive, responsive web site for horse show judges and seekers to post and search jobs.
Cigna Health
Development of internal communications programs and broker outreach programs
Customizable app concept that had to satisfy many needs for sales reps
Responsive web site for boutique advertising agency
Concept Design
Web site and brochure "Designed for Defense"
Campaign Launch
Consumer campaign launch for HIV medication that included full art direction from concept to completion
Us In Lupus
Unbranded CRM campaign for lupus patients to connect and get support
Campaign Launch
Award winning consumer campaign launch across print and digital
Logos and packaging
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